Ultra Light Hiker Mug now available in M size

Have you ever heard of the materials carbon and titanium?
Titanium is a high-tech material that is used in the most advanced racing cars and athletes’ gear.

Titanium is one of the most expensive materials in the world, but when you look at its properties, its superiority is obvious.

It is twice as strong as steel and three times as strong as aluminum. It won’t break if you drop it.
Its low thermal conductivity reduces the risk of the cup being too hot to touch when drinking hot beverages (although it is not completely free of heat…).

In addition, there is less metallic smell, so the original taste of the drink is not spoiled.

When you put them all together like this, there’s nothing but good things.

The Ultra light Hiker Mug “S” is the first product from Rivers to use such titanium.



As the name suggests, it is a small 180 ml mug that advocates ultra-light weight. It was developed with the image of long trail hikers, who spend many days, sometimes months, walking in the mountains, originating from the American long trail culture.

It weighs only 34 grams.

Even if you hold it by hand, you won’t feel its weight. We believe that lightness is justice, as long as the product’s original potential is not compromised.

The Hiker Mug is a product developed based on such a hiking-oriented concept.



As it turned out, the Hiker Mug sold out in no time on the first day of sales, with record sales compared to our previous products.

Even though we are in the middle of an outdoor boom, I never imagined that the Hiker Mug, which is small but not inexpensive, would be so widely accepted. I was a little surprised.

The silhouette of the Hiker Mug seemed to be quite refreshing, since all titanium mugs are cylindrical and all brands look the same.

The most common question we received was.

So, when will you release the M size?

We, the people in charge of development, had no idea that the hiker mug would be so enthusiastically accepted, so while we named it the “S size,” we hadn’t actually thought of developing a larger size.
I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t plan well, but I hurriedly started planning for the M size.

Although it took a while, the “M size” was finally completed.



If the “S size” was based on the desire for a single cup of coffee, the “M size” was based on the concept of longing for the Sierra Cup. It is a vessel that can be used for cooking as well, and we hope that people will enjoy the all-around quality of the Sierra Cup, which is as versatile as the Sierra Cup in the outdoors.



Of course, the stacking function, which is essential for outdoor gear, has been firmly inherited.

It weighs 44g and has a capacity of 320ml.
The fact that the weight has not increased in comparison to the size of the “S size” mug is a reflection of our commitment to the ultra-light hiker mug.

As a side note, I’ve been using the M size every day at home as a test. So far, the most impressive experience has been a beer after a bath. When I poured a can of beer into the large-diameter M-size cup, it produced a fine foam, probably due to the texture of the titanium, as if I was drinking a draft beer.
It’s so easy to drink, I’m completely addicted to it.

Aside from that, I have one last point to make.

The “S size” was too small to be recommended for use over an open flame on a gas stove, but the “M size” has no problem. When exposed to direct gas flame, the titanium turns into a unique bluish color due to the oxide film. Is it because I’m too much of a material geek to think that this gives the product a gear-like appearance?


At any rate, please try the “medium size” as well.

By the way, there are no plans to sell the “L size” at this time.



– Materials:Titanium
– Capacity:320ml
– Weight:Approx. 44g
– Size:W140mm x D100mm x H65mm
(Cannot be used in a microwave oven.)