The New Thermo Jug: Vacuum Insulation in a Big Size

There are some epoch-making products in the world that you don’t realize you need until they are released.
Oh! That’s exactly what I wanted! It is one of the most exciting things in life to encounter a product that even moves you.

I’m secretly smiling, thinking that there are people who will feel such an encounter with this new product, the thermo jug “Cask”.

This new product looks like a black cask. The name “Cask” comes from a wine barrel, but it is not a wine barrel at all. It’s a vacuum thermos-type drink server with a large capacity of 5 liters, as you probably already know from the small faucet attached to the bottom of the body.

Since it has a vacuum structure, it can keep both cold and hot drinks at a constant temperature for a long time. When it holds 5 liters, the power of the temperature of the drink itself is amazing and it will keep the temperature for quite a long time. A hot drink will stay at 70 degrees Celsius even after 10 hours, and a cold drink, water chilled to 4.4 degrees Celsius, will rise only 3 degrees Celsius even after 6 hours. However, this is just a measurement with no decrease in the drink inside, so please understand that.

On top of that, it has a thermometer to show the temperature of the drink inside, which is also a nice touch. I’m sure there’s a big difference in temperature between the top and bottom of the container, but it’s definitely a nice thing to have (right?).



Now, how can I use this thing?

One of the things I can think of off the top of my head is to make a lot of barley tea for outdoor events in the middle of summer, or hot soup for camping in the middle of winter. It can also be used as a server for coffee or juice at a party.

The stainless steel material is not good for salty drinks and soups, so please be careful about that.

I have often heard people say that they would like to have this design in their living room. Indeed, it would look great in a wood-floored room.


How about filling the cask with ice and using it like a wine cooler? It’s a bit of an odd way to use it, but depending on the presentation, it can be a cool prop.

Speaking of ice, you can use it as an ice cooler at your camping site to keep the ice from melting and to keep it hygienic. The ice can be put directly into drinks, and the melted water can drain out from the taps underneath, making it even more effective at keeping the drinks cool. It’s a little too practical for my taste.


I wonder why there has never been a product like the Cask before! I wonder.

I mean, is there already a large vacuum thermos type jug?

I was really curious about it, so I googled it.

It seems that there are 10L and 15L vacuum drink dispensers for professional use, but there are almost no 5L ones for home or outdoor use. However, there are very few 5L dispensers for home use or outdoor use. The ones that exist are overwhelmingly made of aluminum or stainless steel with a single structure.

So, isn’t this product quite revolutionary? That’s what I think.


Now, I’ve had many people tell me that they like the simple styling of the Cask more than anything else. The four wooden stands are detachable, so if you want to use it on a table, you can remove the stands and set it up.

The caskets can be used conveniently according to each user’s lifestyle.

I’ve found a way to use it like this! I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it.




–Materials:18-8 Stainless Steel (Body) / Polypropylene (Body, Lid, Strainer) / Beech Wood (Legs) / Silicone Rubber (Lid , Body) / Copper (Body) / Nylon (Strainer) / Methacrylic Resin (Thermometer) / Polychlorinated Biphenyl (Thermometer) / Abs Resin (Body) / Polycarbonate (Body) / Galvanized Copper Legs (Legs)
–Weight:2.84 kg
–Heat Retention:70.4°C or more (10 hours)
–Cold holding power:7.4°C or lower (6 hours)
–Size:W216mm x D267mm x H480mm
(Cannot be used in microwave ovens or dishwashers.)