Our goal was to create the best drinking experience in the world.

It has been almost 20 years since the word “tumbler” first landed in Japan and became completely established.

This distinctive double-layered drink cup with a lid came to Japan with Starbucks, and became well known as Starbucks stores spread throughout Japan.
It was around 2004 that we started developing such tumbler products under the brand name Rivers. (You may think it is too little known for that, but that’s another story.)

Now, for the first time in a long time, Rivers is coming out with a new tumbler product.

It is the “Wallmug Shade” made of vacuum stainless steel.

It is also commonly referred to as a vacuum thermos, and is a type of tumbler that keeps drinks cold (on the contrary, cold drinks do not become lukewarm and ice does not melt easily).

The development of the Wallmug Shade was based on the grand concept of “Let’s provide the world’s best drinking experience!

As part of my work, I was looking at tumblers in the world and noticed something. I noticed that all of them had a small mouth.
So I cut off the mouth with scissors from the lid of a take-out cup for coffee that you can buy at a convenience store, and tried drinking from the large mouth. 。。。。

Easy to drink!

Surprisingly, I could easily feel the heat from the narrow mouth, but with the large mouth, I could drink as naturally as if I were drinking from a regular mug without a lid. This was the starting point for the Wallmug Shade project. We made a variety of sizes to see what size mouthpiece would be easier to drink from, and tested the comfort of drinking.

The result was the lid of the shade.

The larger mouthpiece is a nice bonus that allows the aroma of the drink to come through. It’s so stress-free that it’s almost as if you were drinking without a lid.

You may think, “Then why do I need a lid in the first place?” However, the effect of keeping food warm or cold differs drastically depending on whether you have a lid or not. Without the lid, the double vacuum construction is meaningless. In addition, it is absolutely convenient to have a lid to avoid dust and to carry around.

So I’m proud to say that it’s worth it just to try this lid.

Speaking of which, with the social issue of microplastics coming to the fore, cafes are increasingly eliminating the use of straws for iced coffee. Have you noticed that some take-out cups mouthpieces are getting bigger and bigger in order to drink iced drinks without straws?

Perhaps a new standard is being born, a large mouth for comfortable drinking.

The need to gulp down a cold drink.
Shade’s lid is perfect for such a need.

But what should be the most comfortable mug in the world?

To find out, we came up with one more idea. The edge of the mug is unpainted so that it can be easily used as a cup without the lid.
Without the lid, it’s just a cup, but with the double vacuum construction, you can enjoy a chilled beer for as long as possible.

So, what do you think?
Why don’t you try the best drinking experience in the world?



– Material:Stainless steel (body, lid) / polypropylene (lid) / silicone rubber (lid)
– Capacity:300ml
– Weight:Approx. 199g
– Heat retention:78°C or higher (1 hour), 42°C or higher (6 hours)
– Cold holding power:5°C or lower (1 hour), 10°C or lower (6 hours)
– Size:W81mm x D85mm x H141mm
(Cannot be used in a microwave oven. Only the lid can be used in the dishwasher.)