8th year of innovation — the secret of upgraded flavor and ease of maintenance

We began developing coffee products eight years ago, in 2010.
This was before the signs of the current coffee boom. We drank coffee day in, day out as we carried out our R&D.
We had the rare experience of becoming drunk off of coffee, and, after almost a year of research,
decided that our fist coffee product would be a coffee press.

Time flies.

The global coffee and café boom of the past few years have transformed the face of the coffee product market.
The market is now flooded with innovative product lines that were unthinkable when we began.

We have since developed various items of coffee gear, in addition to our coffee press,
but the passion that led us to develop the ultimate coffee press eight years ago remains unchanged.

The HOOP MONO is a tool for drawing out the delicious flavor of coffee beans,
based on the simplest principle.

That’s because we believe that this is the greatest allure of the coffee press.

One method for evaluating coffee beans is called “cupping”.
It is an extremely simple method; ground beans and hot water are poured into a heat-resistant glass,
and after four minutes, the coffee is scooped up with a spoon and tasted.

It isn’t so much drinking coffee as much as it is vaporizing the liquid by sucking up the coffee in the spoon,
together with air, and evaluating the fragrance, as opposed to the flavor.

Cupping is the most popular method of evaluating beans because it produces consistent flavor and accurate evaluations.
This process is almost identical to that of the coffee press.

In Northern Europe, one of the top consumers of the world’s highest quality coffee beans,
coffee presses have long been the most popular way to brew coffee,
a testament to the high quality of the coffee they produce.

The HOOP coffee press has evolved. Presenting the new “HOOP MONO”.

Now that coffee press has further evolved.

Previous coffee presses used three metal filters to strain coffee beans,
but this coffee press uses a single stainless steel monofilter.

This change may be a small one, but the monofilter is the key to bringing out the great taste of coffee.

It’s not as simple as just replacing multiple filters with a single filter.
The filter has exacting hole size and density requirements, and cannot be processed at just any plant.

We actually came up with the monofilter idea roughly three years ago, but were unable to find a good manufacturing plant,
and were on the verge of giving up.

Then, by pure luck, we discovered an overseas plant with the technologies we sought.
We immediately visited the plant.
Negotiations went smoothly and everything went according to plan,
culminating in the creation of a HOOP MONO that was just as we had envisioned it.
Our decision to hold firm to our ideals and be patient paid off.

That’s how important this filter is to the flavor of coffee.
Making a coffee press for handily and easily brewing delicious coffee was no simple matter.

What are the features of the HOOP MONO?

The HOOP MONO filter keeps out fine coffee grains passed by conventional filters, producing a better mouthfeel.
Coffee grounds are ground extremely finely, so it is impossible to keep 100% of them out,
but the HOOP MONO produces a cleaner mouthfeel than other coffee presses.

Traditional three-filter presses have complex shapes,
making it difficult to eliminate all of the oils that come from coffee beans.
Unless filters are regularly replaced with new ones, these oils will build up and oxidize, negatively affecting product flavor.
This simple new design is easy to wash, leaving no oil residue.

Washing three-filter coffee presses requires the plunger screw to be removed and all of the parts to be disassembled and washed separately,
but our new coffee press can be washed without disassembly.
You can enjoy coffee every morning at home without any hassle.
This design will also doubtlessly improve operation efficiency for cafes that brew coffee using presses.

In addition to these new functions, the HOOP MONO also features new graphics and colors.
If you want to enjoy truly delicious coffee in your own home, give the HOOP MONO a try.

– Material : Borosilicate glass (Beaker)/ ABS resin (Holder)/
Stainless steel (Plunger, Knob, Fines filter)/ Polypropylene (Lid, Plunger, Fines filter)/
Methacrylic resin (Scoop) / Silicone rubber (Plunger) / TPE (Holder)
– Capacity : 720ml
– Max Temperature : 90°C (Holder, Scoop) / 150°C (Lid)
– Min Temperature : -40°C
– Resistant to a Thermal Shock of 120°C (Beaker)
– Size : W147mm × D93mm × H168mm
– Weight : 350g
(Dishwasher safe.(Beaker,Lid,Plunger), Not suitable for: microwave)