A design-conscious, double-walled vacuum flask

There aren’t very many large-sized vacuum flasks with appealing designs.

That’s why we decided to develop our own, resulting in the KEAT thermojug.

The KEAT has a simple style with a natural wood handle.
Its vacuum-insulated design keeps warm liquids warm and cold liquids cold, but that’s not all.
We designed it to be so easy to use that it will make you want to use it every day,
with its easily rotated lid and one-touch open/close pour spout.

1: Large 1.3 L capacity.
This vacuum flask can keep contents at 90°C or above for an hour, and at 71°C or above for six hours.

2: Stainless steel body and natural wood (beech) handle.
The KEAT stands out thanks to its refined shape and warm design.

3: Simple look fits great with interior decorations.
The KEAT is a perfect addition to cafes and restaurants.

4: The sturdy double-walled stainless steel structure also makes it great for outdoor use, such as camping and barbeques.
Try KEAT, the versatile vacuum flask that can be used at home, in stores, and even outdoors!

– Material : 18-8 stainless steel (Body, Lid) / Polypropylene (Body, Lid) /
Beechwood (Handle) / Polyacetal (Lid) / Silicone Rubber (Lid, Handle) / Stainless steel (Lid, Handle)
– Capacity : 1.3L
– Thermal insulation effect : 56°C (10hours)
– Cold insulation effect : 7°C (6hours)
– Size : W194mm x D130mm x H213mm
– Weight : 780g
(Not suitable for: microwave, dishwasher,dryer.)