Stout is your tough and durable partner.
This simple and tough bottle was developed with the wilderness in mind,
so it will work just fine with a few scratches and dings. Available in three sizes to suit your activities.
This 700 ml tall and slim shape makes for a sublime fit in the side pockets of backpacks — perfect for mountain hikes.
It’s also just right for a full bottle of wine.
Enjoy a glass of chilled wine atop on a balmy beachfront or misty mountainside.
We designed it with such days out in mind — not too big, not too small — the size you need the most.

Features of the Stout
We designed the strap so you can hang it from a carabiner,
but attached it to the lid to make the bottle easy to drink from.
The inner lid (splashguard) has two spouts designed so those sensitive to hot temperatures can drink at their own pace.

Also, there’s a little trick to the heat retention:
We added a stainless steel vacuum insulation system and plated the vacuum cavity with copper to reduce radiant heat loss,
creating an even greater insulation effect.
We even experimented with boiling water: 700 ml of boiling water was still at least 77°C after 6 hours.
Ultra-refined simplicity. Put the Stout to the test yourself.

– Material : Stainless Steel(Bottle,Pin)/Polypropylene (Lid,Plug,Ring)/Siliconerubber(Strap,Seal)
– Capacity : 700ml
– Thermal insulation effect : 77°C (6hours)
– Cold insulation effect : 6°C (6hours)
– Size : W74mm(100mm including strap) × D74mm × H265mm
– Weight : 380g
(Not suitable for: microwave, dishwasher,dryer.)