This is the latest model of the Ivy Bottle Harness, which was initially released two years ago.
This drink bottle holder is not a fashion item, it’s a tool designed to withstand rugged outdoor activities.

Based on our original concept, we spent the last two years making our own improvements to the design,
even including data collected from our users. This new upgraded version reflects our efforts toward even greater usability.
■Reduced bottle movement
We added new hook-and-loop fasteners allowing you to attach the holder to your back pack shoulder strap at two points vertically.
This limits the bottle movement and allows a dramatic improvement to usability on mountain hikes.

■Sized for more bottles
We enlarged the diameter from 70 mm to 74 mm,
and made the handle adjustable so you can set the length to suit the height of your bottle.
This new and improved harness can now hold Rivers’ Stout 500 & 700, as well as the Stout Air 550 and Stem flasks.
■Full Selection of Colors
Previously we only offered the harness in black and khaki, but now it is available in vibrant orange for a color accent,
and a gray that offers something a little more subdued than the black. Let a little of your personality show.

– Material : PP (Harness) / Nylon (Fastener) / Iron (Metal fitting)
– Size : W84mm × D78mm × H330mm
– Weight : 48g
– Made In CHINA