An in-depth look at Rivers’ GRIT coffee grinder

GRIT is a coffee grinder that produces consistently delicious ground coffee. Let’s take a closer look at the GRIT.

1. Designed for consistent grind size

Have you ever found that the coffee you brew is delicious one day, but when you brew it again the next day it doesn’t taste as good?
One possible reason is inconsistent grind size.
Coffee that is ground too finely may brew too deeply, bringing out unwanted extraneous flavors.

Conversely, if coffee is ground too coarsely, it may not be possible to bring out its flavor and fragrance, resulting in weak coffee.
GRIT has a secured upper blade, increasing grind stability and producing consistent grind size.

2. Sweeping away coffee grinding’s image of being tiring and burdensome
Normally, the longer the handle on a grinder the easier grinding becomes,
but long handles become inconvenient when transporting or storing grinders.
I bring coffee-making sets when I go mountain climbing,
and the most important criteria when selecting gear is that it be possible to pack away compactly.

This, by the way, is my beloved coffee set.

The GRIT has a short handle, but grinding is easy.

The secret is the deep ceramic blade structure.
When the handle is turned, long blades draw a large amount of coffee beans into the grinding mill.
This makes it possible to grind beans quickly, without wasting effort. In my case,
I grind 20 grams of coffee beans, and it takes roughly one minute.

The blades are ceramic.
This makes them more resistant to abrasion than steel blades, and ceramic is rustproof.
Together, these provide the excellent benefit of long-lasting grinding performance.

3. Silicone band that securely holds the handle when removed

There are many grinders in which the handle is held with a silicone band, but it is rare for the handle to be truly secured.
Handles often rattle, scratching up the grinder.
The holder size isn’t a good fit for the handle.

That’s why we used trial and error to create a series of prototypes and design a handle holder that is a good fit for the handle.
The result of our efforts is a band that holds the handle securely,
with no handle rattling even if the grinder is shaken.

This prevents the handle from damaging the grinder.

I often carry the grinder, so for me this is the GRIT’s key feature.

4. Ease of maintenance
The grinder’s blades don’t rust, so they can be washed clean. In my case,
I usually use a tissue or the like to wipe away any remaining coffee, but when I have time,
I wash the grinder with water to get it totally clean.

When washing with water isn’t enough to get it totally clean…

Just soak in diluted, mild detergent.
It will go back to its white, pristine form.
It’s almost autumn, the season for coffee.
Get the GRIT coffee grinder and enjoy delicious coffee at home or when on the go.

– Material: 18-8 Stainless (Body, Handle, Container, Lid)/ Polypropylene (Body,handle) /Polyacetal, Iron (Screw)/ Ceramic Porcelain (Blade)/ Silicone rubber (Band)
– Capacity : 120ml (Beans 20g)
– Max Temperature : 100°C (Polypropylene,Polyacetal) /180°C (Silicone)
– Size : W52mm x D52mm x H162mm (When the handle is stored)
– Weight: 230g
(Not suitable for: dishwasher, Oil is unnecessary)