The new 1.6 L large-sized KEAT

As people have been getting out among nature more in recent years and the trend continues even during the COVID-19 pandemic, they have also had more opportunities to use a thermos jug—which means we have also seen an increase in orders of the KEAT. However, we also received feedback from customers that said 1.3L was simply not enough when sharing drinks with friends or family.

In actuality, we also plan on decreasing the size of the original KEAT from 1.3L to 1.2L in the spring renewal. So, we decided this would be the perfect time to work on a new, larger size. That new size is 1.6L, which is enough for a family of four to have two 200ml drinks each. In addition, we made sure not to lose the original’s design with the size increase.

This size increase greatly improves heat retention. While the KEAT features a large opening and is easy to clean, it also loses heat quickly as a result. However, with the new large size, the temperature of liquids after 10 hours has been increased by 8°C to 64°C.  (For reference, the set temperature of vending machine hot drinks is on average 52°C to 58 °C). Usability has also been greatly improved, including a lid with a new, easily washable design.

This KEAT features bicolor design in “Ash Blue,” “Black” and “Khaki.”


– Material : 18-8 stainless steel (Body, Lid) / Polypropylene (Body, Lid) /Beechwood (Handle) / Polyacetal (Lid) / Silicone Rubber (Lid, Handle) / Stainless steel (Lid, Handle)
– Capacity : 1600ml
– Size : W207mm×D146mm×H200mm
– Weight : approx833g