This summer the standard Rivers logo T-shirt comes in two styles.
Logo type 1: “Rivers Thunder”
The British graphic designer Nowh Ereman tried his hand at the Rivers logo.
He combined his trademark thunder symbol with the Rivers name creating a logo full of exuberant summer energy.

Logo type 2: “Rivers Back”
This T-shirt features the Rivers logo you know and love printed on the back.
However, this is the first time it has graced a T-shirt, and this year we have six different colors for you to choose from.
In addition to the four basic colors, the line-up now has two new seasonal colors: gold and apple green.
Pick the one that suits your style!

The body is a 5.06 oz heavy weight and high quality shirt,
selected for its stretch and wear resistance, and long lasting, comfortable feel.

While the corona virus is preventing most outdoor events this summer,
you can at least show your love for the outdoors with this T-shirt.

– Material : Cotton 100%
– Size : [S] Length 65cm/Width 49cm/Shoulder width 42cm/Sleeve length 19cm
   [M] Length 69cm/Width 52cm/Shoulder width 46cm/Sleeve length 20cm
   [L] Length 73cm/Width 55cm/Shoulder width 50cm/Sleeve length 22cm
   [XL] Length 77cm/Width 58cm/Shoulder width 54cm/Sleeve length 24cm