Personalize your gear with this brand new Rivers logo stickers.
◼ New Rivers Thunder graphic

This new Rivers Thunder has been added to our lineup.
The design was created by British graphic designer Nowh Ereman, who also worked on graphics for our tote bags.
Nowh combined his trademark thunder symbol with the Rivers logo to create an iconic design.


◼ Rivers stickers series — Full of variation
We’ve added the Rivers logo you know and love, as well as the box logo, to our lineup. These stickers are designed for a large canvas, such as your storage boxes or the rear window of your car, taking into consideration balance, size and shape. And as we know you love the outdoors, the stickers are made with water and weather resistant materials.


– Material : PVC
– Size : [Thunder(L)] W130mm × H56mm
   [Thunder(S)] W60mm × H26mm
   [Standard(L)] W130mm × H52mm
   [Standard(S)] W60mm × H24mm
   [Box] W90mm × H30mm
   [RS Thunder/RS Standard/RS Box] W50mm × H50mm