Our popular tote bag now features a graphic design from rivers’
Original animation, “SOREGAII!”


It looks great worn across the chest, and keeps both hands free, so it’s a wonderful choice for active people.
It’s also perfect for use when riding a motorcycle or bicycle.
The shoulder strap was designed to be slightly short so that it fits your body.
One of its features is how good it looks when worn.

If your shoulders become tired, you can switch to the handle sewn inside.
This is also a surprisingly important feature.
Having a handle makes all the difference when you get tired!
This tote bag also has three pockets.
There’s a small pocket with a zipper for valuables, ensuring that you don’t lose your wallet or keys.

The outside side pockets are oversized, so they can even hold large bottles.
This is the kind of attention to detail Rivers is known for.
One pocket has a snap button, so you can use it for objects you frequently require access to, like your smartphone or train pass.
* The main compartment of the SHOULDER TOTE does not have a zipper.

Soregaii is an animation and original song that depicts scenes familiar to anyone who enjoys outdoor activities. It gets hot. It gets cold. There is a whiff of bear in the air. Everything gets soaked as you set up your tent in the rain. And yet, you just can’t stay away! This animation is now on YouTube, depicting these situations with cute, comical characters that are sure to resonate with fans of the great outdoors.

-Material : Cotton (Body) / Zinc alloy (Puller) / Nylon (Zipper)
-Size : W400mm x D110mm x H370mm
-Weight : 330g
-Made in CHINA