The long-selling world’s smallest coffee dripper

The MICRO COFFEE DRIPPER 2 allows you to enjoy authentic coffee brewing, which you would not expect from its compact appearance. It has been a long seller for 9 years since its release, and is widely popular among both beginners, who wants to brew coffee by themselves for the first time, and veterans. Thanks to its small size, which allows the coffee to overflow quickly unless hot water is poured gently, even beginners can naturally learn to drip carefully and get the best out of the coffee.

This is the first model change in the 9 years since its release. However, other than the logo design and the addition of new colors, the only other change is the extension of the fin on the side by 1mm. Thanks to this improvement, you can now use mugs with an inner dimension of 8cm.

In fact, this was done to further improve the stability of the UL HIKER MUG S when placing the MCD on it. Thanks to this 1mm extension, you can now brew coffee in any location with confidence. This is a very small model change, but it is the result of our pursuit of “ultra-compact and ultra-lightweight,” which RIVERS’, an advocate of unplugged coffee, insists on.

The color of the main body, which was previously only available in “Black”, is now available in the popular colors of the other series, “Olive” and “Tan”. The RIVERS’ logo has also been redesigned, giving the entire product a completely new look. Enjoy coordinating these colors as accents in your camping scenes.




– Material : Polypropylene (filter) / Stainless steel (mesh) / Silicone rubber (holder)
– Size : W84mm × D78mm × H60mm
– Weight : approx. 37g