Our popular mug now features a graphic design From RIVERS’ original animation, “SOREGAII!”

We aimed to make a mug that would last a century.

With our concept of making an inimitable and extremely durable mug,
we engaged in frequent discussions with Japanese potters and developed numerous prototypes before arriving at our final product.

Firing ceramics at a higher temperature for a longer period of time produces ceramic
that is hard to break and resists discoloration from drinks.
However, this process requires extremely advanced knowledge and facilities,
so it is not something that can be done by just any potter.
Further, selecting a design and glaze that turns the BURLY design into a reality is also difficult,
so the creation of this product was a long journey.

“Unparalleled ruggedness,” “heavy-duty use.”
The key words that describe this mug may be rough,
but combining them with the gentle shape of the mug has produced a design praised by men and women alike since its release.
We finally realized the BURLY concept.

Enjoy this tough mug and witness, as it becomes a vintage product in the future.

– Material : Porcelain
– Capacity : 240ml
– Size : W110mm x D85mm x H95mm
– Weight : 430g
(microwave,Dishwasher safe.)